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“1821: Nadal, I’ve noticed, has a problem with his shorts, in that they keep on getting stuck up his jacksie and he has to pull them out before every point. Not sure why he doesn’t just get a size up, he’s probably loaded.”

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Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick Shanghai 2006

Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick Shanghai 2006

You can also read some of the comments people made after viewing this video on Youtube below.

“I only watched this video, but truly Roddick has improved and has become more aggressive. He definitely needs improvement on his approach shots though. I think he actually surprised Federer with his performance!”

“For those who say Roddick played really well or Roddick lost the match a little bit a perspective will put you all in place.

Federer lost his service game in the first set on a double fault, when it was advantage Roddick. Also in that crucial third game of the first set all the points that Roddick won were Federer unforced errors.

Federer – Totally deserved to win – PERIOD”

“Thank God Connors has gotten Roddick to come to net more and be more aggressive…A-Rod is not beating Federer from the baseline. Roddick seems to have gotten more confidence in slice shots, chips, approach shots, volleys…before he would try to serve and pound Federer to death, a futile approach.
That being said, Federer and Nadal are still the two best. It’s freakin’ art when they play. ”
“I dont know if you guys actually saw this match for real on tv, but roddick had 3 match points against federer. He missed the opportunity on all of them by his mistakes alone. They didnt show that in this video. All respect to federer but roddick lost this match for himself.”

“3…2…1…BOOM! 3…2…1…BOOM! That’s what Roddick does everytime. His backhands seems like he’s just trying to get the ball back into the otherside. And he doesn’t use those ‘flying’ forehands like those from Federer.”

“This was the best I’ve seen Roddick play in a long time. Since having Connors as his coach he stepped up his game quite a bit. If he keeps improving some more, he might be able to pull out a win against federer and be a threat to him again soon. But if Federer keeps up playing like that noone’s gonna stop him anytime soon. Not Roddick, not Nadal or anyone else…”

“His backhand is not as bad as Nadal’s. Nadal’s is a genuine weakness on a fast court. It lands short and bounces right into the strike zone. Roddick’s is just not much of a weapon. He rarely misses it, but rarely hits winners off of it. Since he started working with Jimbo, you actually see him take it up the line a lot as demonstrated in this clip.”

“6/4 Roddick in the tie break, for the first time since many month, I was giving no chance to Federer to win. But then he saved the two points. Roddick played very very well, he was so near to win but Federer is an iceman, he handles presure so well, look how it is easy to make passing. Roddick is one of the best server, but his backhand is not good enough. Look the speed of Fed backhand, it is awesome !”

If you want to read all the comments made on this Youtube video go here.


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There you go the 1st one. I’ll start with a video that is a good expression of what this blog will be about. Enjoy!