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“1821: Nadal, I’ve noticed, has a problem with his shorts, in that they keep on getting stuck up his jacksie and he has to pull them out before every point. Not sure why he doesn’t just get a size up, he’s probably loaded.”

Jankovic v Dellacqua as it happened

Australian Open, Melbourne

Women’s fourth-round result:

J Jankovic (Ser) v C Dellacqua (Aus)

7-6 (7-3) 6-1

By Sarah Holt

Second set:

Jankovic 6-1 Dellacqua
The first match point comes up for Jankovic. The Aussie crowd are still full of voice as Dellacqua saves it. She cannot save another one though and that was pretty easy for Jankovic in the second. The Serbian goes through to meet Serena Williams in the quarters.

Jankovic 5-1 Dellacqua
It is all looking a bit straightforward now for Jankovic as she moves to 0-40. The world number four breaks as Dellacqua goes long.

Jankovic 4-1 Dellacqua
Give Dellacqua credit – she really is trying to get back into this match. She moves to 40-30 and then Jankovic sloppily slams the ball wide to concede deuce. Jankovic moves to advantage with an ace but Dellacqua fights back for a fourth deuce. The Aussie nets and a second ace from the Serb sees her hold. Dellacqua doesn’t look out of the match but 4-1 is a long way back.

Jankovic 3-1 Dellacqua
Jankovic skims the ball wide for 15-0, but a TV close-up of a few Aussie housewives in the crowd sees them looking most disgruntled indeed. Frightening. They should break into a smile now though as Dellacqua holds to love.

Jankovic 3-0 Dellacqua
We’re not seeing the best quality tennis in this set, mind you the opener was littered with errors, both players had 20 unforced ones. Well. So, back to the here and now, Jankovic stutters through to a 3-0 lead.

Jankovic 2-0 Dellacqua
The errors are creeping in here and Dellacqua slides to 0-30. Jankovic makes a challenge but it’s wrong again and the score ticks along to 30-30. What did I say about those errors? Dellacqua wilts and Jankovic breaks.

“It’s a shame for the Aussie as there have been numerous opportunites out here against Jankovic.”
BBC Sport analyst Sam Smith

Jankovic 1-0 Dellacqua
Dellacqua slams down a forehand for a chance of an immediate break in the second set, but she is wild and wide and it’s deuce. Jankovic snuffs out any further threat and holds.

First set:

0937: “Don’t you think it’s refreshing with Dellacqua and Jankovic there’s none of that awful screaming? See it is possible!”
Hilary in Surrey via text

Jankovic 7-6 Dellacqua
A couple of challenges at the start of the breaker and Jankovic ends up taking the first point. Dellacqua smacks down the ball for 1-1. The Aussie gets lucky with a bounce off the net post and hits a winner for 2-2. A wild shot from Dellacqua sees Jankovic take a 4-2 lead. She nets again to slide to 5-2. Jankovic goes long at 5-3, but benefits from another Dellacqua mistake to move to two set points. The Australian nets to hand Jankovic the set.

Jankovic 6-6 Dellacqua
Chants of “let’s go Casey, let’s go,” from the crowd and the Aussie takes the first point. Jankovic, who has dispensed with the sugar-pink headband, pumps the ball wide for 15-30. Dellacqua’s drive volley brings up another break point and she gets it – for the sixth break of this set – to force the tie-break.

Jankovic 6-5 Dellacqua
The Australian is rushing a little bit and she falls back to 30-30. Jankovic looks a bit peeved at another line call and challenges – but she has misjudged it again. No mistake on the next point as Dellacqua goes wide for deuce. The Serbian unleashes a huge one down the line and runs in to break again and halt Dellacqua’s momentum.

Jankovic 5-5 Dellacqua
A bit of slip on court sees Jankovic slide to 15-15. Dellacqua is working really hard but is just lacking the final touch. Jankovic challenges a line call but Hawk-Eye backs the line judge for 30-30. The third seed lobs the Australian for set point but goes long for deuce. Dellacqua’s back hand pays dividends and Jankovic nets as the Australian breaks back.

“From 5-2 down, Dellacqua has relaxed a bit and Jankovic has come off her game certainly.”
BBC Sport’s Chris Bailey

Jankovic 5-4 Dellacqua
That break seems to have inspired Dellacqua and she produces a couple of big winners to move to 30-15. Another good strike down the line takes the Australian to 40-30, and the Serbian nets to see Dellacqua hold.

Jankovic 5-3 Dellacqua
Jankovic takes the new balls to serve for the set and moves to 30-0. The crowd wakes up when Dellacqua hits the ball right across the court and Jankovic goes long for 30-30. A chance of a break here as Jankovic returns a ball that looked to be sailing out of court but hits it long. The Australian breaks back.

Jankovic 5-2 Dellacqua
Jankovic turns the screw on the Australia and moves to 15-40. The Serbian nets to see one break point go begging but she makes no mistake with a fierce backhand to grab a double break.

“The Australian hasn’t really settled; maybe it’s the nerves, the occasion and Jankovic is pulling away now.”
BBC Sport’s Chris Bailey

Jankovic 4-2 Dellacqua
Dellacqua looks like she is struggling to settle down a bit out there, and there are chances on the Jankovic serve but she is finding hard to take advantage. A bit of a flat game, but Jankovic holds to 15.

Jankovic 3-2 Dellacqua
A third ace takes Dellacqua to 40-0. The third seed sneaks a point but the Australian holds; and that’s cheered up the crowd.

Jankovic 3-1 Dellacqua
Jankovic makes smooth progress and holds to love. Now, we had a few 606 messages about all the comments on fashion in the women’s game so . . . .

“I’m not sure about Jankovic’s headband. It’s more the sort that you put on a newborn baby girl’s head not a 22-year-old’s. Still each to their own.”
BBC Sport’s Chris Bailey

Jankovic 2-1 Dellacqua
Dellacqua slides to 30-30 and challenges a line call on her serve – she’s proved right by the Hawk-Eye replay and moves to 40-30. Dellacqua is taken to deuce twice by the Serbian; and Jankovic uses some clever play to break.

Jankovic 1-1 Dellacqua
Dellacqua continues to hustle Jankovic and takes her to 30-30. A double fault earns the Australian a first break point but she pummels her forehand long. Jankovic gets it together and holds.

Jankovic 0-1 Dellacqua
Dellacqua serves and wins the first point. Oooh bit of controversy on the second point as Jankovic’s forehand is called out by an enthusiastic member of the crowd. So the point is replayed, and Dellacqua wins it. The Australian holds to love with an ace.

0840: The players are here; and let’s hear what they’ve got to say. First up Dellacqua: “I’m staying relaxed. It’s been a surreal week but I can’t wait to get out there.

And here’s pretty in pink Jankovic: “I feel ok. The crowd will be against me but I’ll still have my Serbian fans supporting me, so I’m going out there to give it my best.”

0830: Plenty of green and gold on show at the Rod Laver Arena as Australian fans turn out in force to support local hope Casey Dellacqua.

The unseeded Aussie dumped out former champion Amelie Mauresmo but could face a tougher giant-killing task against number three seed Jelena Jankovic.

Story from BBC SPORT


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